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I will admit the back seats were probably the most comfortable back seats I have ever experienced.... Interior counter Gal was very nice and guys in the pick up area very nice and helpful..Upon returning vehicle the check in was fast and efficient and the guy very patient while we got all our luggage onto a luggage cart Found I had reserved the car at a different location than the airport in Jackson, MS.I apologized for his lack of knowledge and hung up because I don't usually use the phone while I am driving. Their people are not trained in their policies and exceptions. I did not find either one of their behaviors acceptable when dealing with anyone, much less your customer! He asked me where I was going, where I worked, make comments about my appearance. The car engine warning light came on and the radio screen went black about two hours into our trip. The car was too small, the agents didn't explain the Insurance well.Imagine the treatment I would have gotten if I had had a problem and needed help! When I asked him what was his purpose, he stated it was apart of his job. I paid for insurance and locked the key in the trunk and I had to pay another .The seats were uncomfortable, the ride was loud and bumpy and the overall construction was flimsy. Even though the car had less than 1000 miles on it, it drove horribly.The tailgate would not close easily and the alarm went off inexplicably a few times. The seats were uncomfortable, the ride was loud and bumpy and the overall construction was flimsy.I had 2 separate rental cars with mechanical issues, causing me to spend over 12 hours of my trip dealing with trying to get a new rental car.

Knowing that, at one point, we would have 5 people traveling with us. (LAST TIME I will EVER do THAT) He said that he also had a Yukon for an additional .00 a day.Sins rental car places don't take debit cards, and the ones that do run a credit check. Kayak need another layer that checks for that before booking ..I wasted my time going to the car rental place to learn I could not get a rental car or pay a hefty hold fee.And there was no one checking-in the cars as people returned, so I had to go back into the terminal and turn in paperwork at the desk before I could proceed to my flight.

Even though I only booked this rental about a week before the Thanksgiving holiday, they still had enough full-size vehicles available, which I was so happy about.

After being assured that was right, I tried to relax; but when I got to Jackson to pick up my rental, I was told I would have to pay for a taxi to go pickup my car.